Monday, October 31, 2011

My characters for Samantha and Hailey:Hawaii rules

My story is called Samantha and hailey:Hawaii rules. Here are the characters!

Samantha McCatty: A funny,silly,lovable 15 year old girl living in Pika,Hawaii.
Hailey Livun: A young 13 year old girl who is from The Big Apple but comes to stay with Samantha. (There BFF`s and pen-pals)
Samantha`s grandma: "the animal woman" is Samantha`s funny and well known grandma.
Samantha`s mom: Real name is Karrie McCatty, but is usually serious.
Samantha`s dad: Real name is Donald D McCatty but everyone calls him Donald the Duck.
Samantha`s cat: Samantha`s cat, Honu(Turtle in Hawaiin),is a funny cat who swims like a Honu.
Hailey`s gerbil: Named after Samantha, This gerbil is full of spunk.

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