Monday, October 24, 2011


I made my own tag, but you can steal it! :D

My copy:
1.Favorite animal? Guinea pigs.
2.Favorite smiley? O_o
3. Last thing you did? Take out the garbage
4.Favorite hairstyle? Ponytail with hat or down with hat.
5. Where`s your ipod? Charging.
6. Where are YOU? On the computer. <_>LOL
7. Favorite movies(s)? G-force and spy next door
8.Favorite color(s)? Green.Purple,Black,Red,Blue

Your copy:
1.Favorite animal?
2.Favorite smiley?
3.Last thing you did?
4.Favorite hairstyle?
5.Wheres your ipod?
6. Where are YOU?
7.Favorite movies(s)?
8.Favorite color(s)?

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