Monday, May 28, 2012

Mockingbird by Kathryn Erskine

About the Book:
In Caitlin`s world, everything is black and white. Anything in between is confusing. That`s the stuff her brother,Devon,always explained. But now Devon is dead,and her father cries a lot. She wants to help her dad-and herself!-but as a ten year old girl with asberger`s syndrome,she doesn`t know how. She turns to textbooks and dictionaries,easy for Caitlin because there full of facts in black and white. After reading the definition of closure,Caitlin knows this is just what she and her father need. And she is determined to find it. In her search,she discovers that not everything is really black and white-the world is full of colors,messy and beautiful.And perhaps if she "works at it," Caitlin and her father will find closure and empathy,too. A warm and loving book that gives young readers a rare glimpse of a very special world and a brave and very special girl.

My Opinion:
This book is a sad but eye-opening book,and I enjoyed it very much. Caitlin is a ten year old girl with asperger`s syndrome and dosen`t understand everything but is slowly learning to make friends,find closure and empathy,too. The world is black and white to her,but slowly becomes bright. She makes friends,gets in trouble,and much more,like a normal child,but her life is sad-her mom died of cancer,and her brother died in a middle-school shooting. It made me cry,smile,and feel lots of things all at once. It was a well-written story,and was a great read. I loved this book!

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