Monday, August 6, 2012

Random post


Hi Guys, How are you? I`m ok,I suppose. I`ve been busy(I`m guessing kinda like Naomi, read about it on her blog: ). So,her we go:

I have alot of school today. It totally stinks...

For the awesome sonic club,i`ve been making different drawings and stuff. It`s fun!

On wensday,we are going to go over to Naomi and Lydia`s house,my mom "babysits" them. (Why babysit? Why not... kidsit? or... tweensit?)

I am trying to wear my back brace`s a pain in the butt. :X

I `m going to send a letter to my PenPal, and i`m going to send mail to my friend Maggie.


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