Friday, November 16, 2012

Cool Museum

Hello Friends!!!

Do you like this writing? I'm just kind of bored right now. So, we went to a museum today. Here is some stuff about today:)

Around 8:15 AM-9:10 AM: Waiting for Grandma C. to come pick us up. Hurry,Grandma!

About 9 AM something or other: Go into Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit. We saw some of the actual scrolls!

Around 1:00 PM: Eat pizza with our friends. Dig in, everybody!

About 2:14 PM: Go to Children's part of the museum. Yay!

Around 3:00 PM: Go see a movie about the coral reefs and fish. One of our friends gets kinda sick. -_-

And it was super fun. :D

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