Monday, December 3, 2012


Hey guys~~~~

So, even though it's December 3rd, things feel like Spring around here. We even have our fan on. It's crazy! I don't think we'll be having a 'White Christmas' this year.

I have gone on a Wendy Mass reading spree. Some things I don't agree with that I see her write in her books, but otherwise her books are great. I finished A Mango Shaped Space, and I'm almost to the end of Every Soul A Star. I was going to start Leap Day, but it was bad. Like, for most of my friends, I suggest you don't read it. Even on like page 2, it was bad... so yeah.

And Mom, you need to put the Liebster post on your blog!

I have decided to start a news paper with my siblings. Okay, so I haven't proposed the idea yet, but yeah.

So, now I'm rambling... on and on and on. And on. I'm bored.

I'm gonna go draw. Soooooo TTYLXOX,

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