Sunday, January 20, 2013


I really, truthfully am.

Plus Homeschoolblogger isin't working, which stinks, because one of my friends tagged me... :P

My fellow blogger, Eden from Eden's Evaluations has a very, very neat idea on her blog! Here's the link to her blog:

Today I ordered a DW graphic novel on Amazon! I have to wait until March to get it physiclly, though! Wahhhhh! :C :C :C

Oh, and I went to a DW Party on saturday. It was soooo much fun. This is a 'review'I wrote about it, LOL:

It was really fun! They had Dalek shaped food, and we played trivia ((Guess what? We all got every question right!)) And more. It was amazing. We made TARDISes and bowties and talked about episodes. It was sooo much fun! But no one realize I dressed up as Donna. *sob*
We watched the episode The End Of The World, and we played with sonic screwdrivers, and one of the girls was making fun of a fez, so we put her in her place. We all laughee at Bowtie jokes and more. :D


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