Friday, February 15, 2013



Hey peeps! Today is... guess what? My birthday. :-)
My parents gave me a bunnncccchhh of gifts. I'll make a list in a minute.
My friends made me a really cute video :-)
I'm feeling smiley today. I finished another book last night :D
I bought the album SHAKE IT UP! Break It Down, a LEGO friends turtle set, and some tic-tacs last night XD
Anywho(I said who! :3), this is what I got:

-TARDIS knee-high socks
-The Tenth Doctor's sonic screwdriver! :D :D :D Triple grin!
- A DW shirt that says I <3 dw="">
- A Union Jack shirt made entirely out of pictures of the TARDIS :-)
- A little CyberMan plushie that talks! <3 nbsp="" p="">- A LEGO friends Cat set.
- A bath set

So, needless to say, I'm one happy Whovian :)

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