Saturday, March 30, 2013

'ello Sweeties


So... I had alot of fun with my friend Alexis the other day :) She taught me how to do archery and it was soooo cool! She said I was a natural at it :3

Um, oh yeah! I am so excited! I ordered a Doctor Who graphic novel awhile back and at first it wasn't going to get here until right before vacation, but now it's gonna come sooner!!! :D

I am listening to music right now, yay! Oh, I'll keep holding on... 

My parents are watching a Doc Martin movie... and my little siblings are in the bedroom watching Toy Story... and awhile ago my mom was tapping out a drum beat that sounded sorta like the Master's... or maybe I'm just freaking out XD O_O

I've been getting better at drawing Sonic the Hedgehog pictures... :)

I'm going to a day camp in... April or May, I believe, with my friends Alexis, Olivia, Naomi K and Lydia K, plus my little sister for AHG! :D

And this is probably the longest post I've ever written! LOL. Random picture time...

Oh, lookie lookie, it's my sister and I's band sign! (We have a Time Lord Rock band called Rule One... if you're a Whovian you'll get it.) :D :D :D :D

Bye guys,
Hannah/Mulan/River Song
P.S. Long story ^^
P.P.S. I watched part of an episode of Classic Doctor Who with Four and Ramona I :D

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