Friday, April 19, 2013

Interesting Things (Mostly... DW...)


So I have no clue whether to be extremely excited, happy, sad, mad or all four. It's epic and tragic. Strange and sweet and mystifying.

THE NAME OF THE DOCTOR (Click) This is what the BBC says about the finale of Season Seven. I'm so... wow. It can't be Doctor Who if we know the Doctor's name! But if Moffat writes it... I'll be worried even more. Scared, even. I haven't seen season seven yet, but... OH MY.

 Another thing is, THE 18TH WAS DAVID TENNANT'S BIRTHDAY WAS YESTERDAY AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. >_< So... happy late birthday? ;P

Tomorrow my mom is doing a 5K with one of our friends... and I talked to a friend I haven't talked too for months today :3

So... GTG, guys...
Bye for now...
Ugh, just shut up, Hannah...
~Hannah Song

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