Friday, April 26, 2013

~Lovely Ruthie's Review and Giveaway~

Today I have the immense pleasure of doing a review and giveaway for a cute little Etsy shop called 'Lovely Ruthie's Lovley Stuff'. It is run by a woman by the name of Ruth Latchford and she upcycles items, as well as uses charms and Shrinkie Dinks plastic to make other charms.

ABOUT THE SHOP:  "I make custom jewellery from shrink plastic, the geekier the better! I like to cater for all fandoms but you'll especially find sci-fi & fantasy genres come to life in my store. What do you fangirl over? Let me know; I'll bring your obsession to a cute little plastic reality!"

First off, I'm going to state about the customer service. And I have to say, it was amazing! Miss Latchford was very sweet and I highly enjoyed working with her. She didn't try to make me choose from very few items to review, and when I picked she was fine with what I chose.

She was really kind and polite. Ms. Latchford seemed very at ease with the entire thing and I love that in a shop owner- someone super uptight isin't as enjoyable to work with at all! Over all, I'd rate the customer
service 10/10.

Now I'm going to talk about the actual product she sent me- she sent me K-9 earrings and a TARDIS blue ring. The ring is for a giveaway which I shall be talking about here in a moment. (You might be wondering what K-9, or who, he/it is. It's a robotic dog from Doctor Who).

The earrings were made from Shrinkie Dink plastic and they were made very nicely. They are very cute and I love them! They are adorable and look exactly like the K-9 character. They are tiny and made with French hooks and aren't heavy at all.

The lightness and cuteness combined make these earrings amazing and I love how they feel when I wear them- I can tell they are there, but it's not overbearing.

Next, I'd like to talk about the upcycled ring. It's TARDIS blue and very cute. It looks like yarn wrapped around with cute beads in each corner. I'm putting this up for a giveaway, so go ahead and enter!

I'd rate all of the service, in total, 11/10. :) I'd like to thank Ruth for sending me the products to host this review and giveaway!

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Good luck!

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