Monday, April 8, 2013

Ni Hao~

Hey, guys.

I'm bored... and I need to clean my room... lol

Mom got back from Homeschool Convention on Saturday :) She met Linda Hobar, author of Mystery Of History! :D
Mrs. Hobar's eyes are closed XD

So... while my mom was at convention, we bought Wreck-It Ralph on DVD :) And we ate ice cream and stayed up late and watched DW and drew Sonic the Hedgehog pictures and other pictures and acted stupid xD

Here's some drawings I did while mom was away... Sorry about them being lopsided.
 A drawing I did of me, my sibs and two of my cuz's.
 A bad drawing of me... I don't even have hair that long any more...
 Rose and Ten! Squee!
Oh... and there's Penny Apple! :D haha XD

I'm working on another story... and I go on vacation soon... I'll post another post soon! Cross my heart, blah blah, blah, 'kay?  ;)


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