Thursday, April 4, 2013

Random things

Hey guys.

Sorry, not up for a creative title or anything right now, for the matter. -_-

Today my mu/om leaves for a Homeschooling Convention with some of her friends. Which mean's my dad will be in charge... which is not necessarily good, per say... hehe....

I'm seriously sick of this headache I have. It sucks. And I'm technically not aloud to say that word... so when I'm saying stuff like that you know it's bad. -_-

I've been listening to music and pinning stuff...

I have to buy a new sonic screwdriver. My other one got broken because it somehow got into the washer for clothes :'( First, my Ipod gets lost, then I lose one of my favorite books, and now my sonic screwdriver is broke.

Granted, two of those things happened, like, a year ago, but still! Wahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!


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