Saturday, May 18, 2013

The AwEsOmE, The CrAzY and the StRaNgE


I am sooooo bored. lol

Anyways, I'm working on a new story called 'Squad Of Liars'. I'll post my summary towards the end of the post, 'kay?

Today my mom had a fun walk/run for a Pro-Life Group where I live :) She raised a total of $283.00 for it!

Then, after that we went to a British food store- AND I GOT JAMMIE DODGERS AND JELLY BABIES!!!!! GAHHHHH. We got tons of other stuff too :) And the lady had a really cute accent was really nice! :D I also got a newspaper called 'Union Jack'. For Brits, Anglophiles and even Yankies! XD

And then after that we went to a Chinese buffet restaurant but... I was just like -_-

This is the summary of my story: Abby Keil is just a normal girl, with a normal life, who goes to a normal school. There's the jocks, and the nerds, the in-betweens like her, and the almost populars, plus other groups. But when Abby tries out for the cheerleading squad, she realizes that not everything is perfectly normal.

I'm reading a really cool book (my mom read it first) about a murder mystery. It's Christian though, so there's no blood and gore, it's more 'in the head'. My mom said they make Doctor Who references <3 p="">
And my epic friends Naomi and Lydia K's Sonic ban will hopefully be over soon!

Tomorrow me and my sister have a dance recital. We're doing two dances, and one is the very finale! :D :D Yeah, so I'm nervous and excited. Any tips? lol

~Hannah Song (Who now officially loves Jammie Dodgers)

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