Saturday, June 22, 2013

Praying For The Stars- Demi Lovato


I've decided to start a thing. A thing called Praying For The Stars. I'll post a bit about the star, and a small prayer for them. The lives that some stars live are atrocious and they really need help, and they aren't going to get it without people willing to help.

This post is about the singer, Demi Lovato. She started out as a semi-appropriate singer, getting her big break on 'Camp Rock' with the Jonas Brothers. Her songs didn't have much cussing or anything. She had other acting and singing roles before Camp Rock, but Camp Rock was the big start off.

Soon she started writing music about hate, break-ups, and other things. She was heading downhill very fast. She is still a music artist, but her music is much more trashy.

Let's say a prayer for

"Dear Lord,

Please help Demi Lovato. Help her learn to make her music better and dress more appropriatly. Keep her safe and please help her through bad things and good things.


You can read more about Demi here:


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