Sunday, July 14, 2013

Chico (That's what he titled it... don't ask)

Hello everybody, today my brother is going to do a guest post... he's weird, so do not continue reading if you do not like talk of very gross and weird things.

Facts about Christian:
Name: Christian
Age: 6, turning 7 this month
Likes: food, Doctor Who, Telivision, games, getting his way, being gross, and loves to whine
Dislikes: Me and Beth when we act like jerks, not getting his way.

Hannah: Hello Christian! :)

Christian: Can poop kill people? No, just kidding. Can farts hurt people? ;D

Hannah: Stop talking like that. It's weird. -_-

Christian: Does pee kill people? =D

Hannah: Don't ask things like that, this is going on my blog >_<

Christian: Okay. Wanna go outside and play frisbee? Does dung kill people, Hannah? 8D

Hannah: Just... be quite. JUST GO AWAYYYYY. >_>

Bye, and sorry about this... most disturbing experience.

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