Sunday, July 14, 2013

Semi-Guest Post: Bethanne and Hannah's Ramblings!

Hello My Dears! Today I have an extra special post for you- my sister will be joining me to make a funny, random thing! So, yup. Here's an intro to my sister:

Name: Bethanne, you can call her Beth. (She makes it clear it's Beth-Anne not Bethany)
Age: 8- 9 in September
Likes: Penguins, fun stuff, teasing me, teasing our brother, our brother, me, friends, 'hippos', food, guinea pigs
Dislikes: Mean people, me and our brother (when we're acting like jerks)

Bethanne: Hi, I'm Bethanne. I like American Girl dolls.

Hannah: Stating the obvious, eh?

Bethanne: Yeah, guess I am.

Hannah: That's so typical. And... now I sound like Sherlock stinkin' Holmes. lol

Bethanne: Yeah, you sure do sound like Sherlock stinkin' Holmes, but I like John Watson anyways.

Hannah: -_- Yeah, way to be nice, sis...

Bethanne: I'm sorry for saying Sherlock stinkin' Holmes. :p

Hannah: That's not what I meant.... WAIT, ARE YOU ACTUALLY DRINKING SODA POP? O_O

(Fact: Beth usually hates soda)

Bethanne: Yeah, I know I'm drinking pop. This pop is my favorite. I like this kind.

Hannah: Well... onto more important subjects. What is your favorite show on the telly?

Bethanne: Does telly mean telephone or TV?

Hannah: *points at TV with a smirk*

Bethanne: Well... I like Doctor Who and Goose Bumps.

Hannah: I LOVE DW! Okay... I'm done geeking out. What are your favorite animals?

Bethanne: Well, that's easy! Hippos and penguins.

Hannah: Don't you like guinea pigs? You own one, after all.

Bethanne: Yep, I do. But hippos and penguins are the main ones and then comes guinea pigs, kitties, and dogs.

Hannah: Alright, I think that's enough. Say bye, Betherina!

(Fact: I call Bethanne 'Betherina', it's a mix between Beth and Ballerina)

Bethanne: BYE!

:) Bye, guys! 'Till next time!

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