Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Dance Class and Teacher Who Changed My Life


*Names have been changed to keep privacy*

"Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain."  ~Author Unknown
It happened two or so years ago. I've mentioned her before, Miss Olivia. Here's a bit more insight.

I still remember when we first met. It was a bit strange, for Ms. Olivia looked familiar. It turns out my dad had taught her first aid and I think CPR a while back. I didn't know that at first though.

Olivia tucked her hair back and smiled a little bit. I was shaking nervously. She looked familiar, but I don't think I actually knew her. "We're supposed to have two other girls," Olivia started, looking a bit confused, "But you're the only one here." And so we danced.

The two girls we were missing were *Celia and *Megan. Celia and Megan were two sweet girls, but Megan quit after a few weeks. Celia and I stuck with it and soon our half-recital rolled around. We did pretty well and said sorrowful goodbyes until our dance class would come back in time again.

We started dance class back up after Christmas, and we practiced a dance for recital. Well, Miss Olivia had to bring in two other girls because Celia and I just weren't enough. There was *Susania- I mentioned her in my last blog post- and *Lily. They learned the dance quickly and we had recital.

All through this I'd been having ups and downs in my emotional rollercoaster. Some days I had to drag myself out of bed, even if no one knew or even noticed. Everytime I walked into dance class or saw Ms. Olivia, though, my heart soared to cloud nine at her cheerful attitude.
The second year of classes came about and I signed up in for the same class as last year, and Miss Olivia was once again teaching it. Well, Celia was in it again. My sister joined as well, and there were three new girls.

I enjoyed the company of the entire class, Miss Olivia included. We weren't all students, we were friends. We laughed. We sung along to the music. We gave each other cards and giggled when one of us would mess up and grin about it. We had fun.

And it really helped boost my emotions.

And then Miss Olivia left. She was learning to become a dancing missionary with a group called YWAM. We told her goodbye and I still miss her. She has been gone for a few months and I still adore her.

This year me and Celia are both moving up, and will still in the same class. I hope all the other girls will stick with dance class. I love them all, and they have changed my life for the better. <3 p="">

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