Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Doctor's Family Tree


So... I've started making family trees of characters on the telly. The first one I made is the Doctor's, and I even have an explanation...
The Doctor's Family Tree

The Doctor had four wives- Unknown, Queen Elizabeth the First, Norma Jean Mortensen 'Marilyn Monroe', and Melody Pond AKA River Song.
He had an unknown child from the unknown wife, who had his granddaughter, Susan Foreman.

Unknown Wife's parents were also unknown, Elizabeth's parents were King Henry the Eighth and Anne Boylen, Marilyn's parents were Martin Edward Mortenson and Gladys Pearl Monroe, and River Song's parents were of course Rory Williams/Pond and Amelia Jessica Pond.

Amy's parents were Augustus and Tabitha Pond, Rory's parents were Brian Williams and Unknown.

The Half Human Doctor is speculated to have married Rose Tyler, the Doctor's previous companion.

Idris is the TARDIS, and sort of a companion, sort of a wife.

Jenny is the Doctor's daughter, but not really his daughter. She was made using his DNA.

And the Doctor is... you know, the Doctor.

Bye! :)

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