Friday, August 2, 2013

dance like no one's watching (hint: they are)

Hello, my fairies, Time Lords, mourners of Sherlock, speedy hedgehogs and anyone else~

Wassup? Sorry about not posting in so long! I wish I had a good excuse, but truthfully, I've just been lazy. XD

NETFLIX GOT TITANIC!!!! x3 x3 x3 YYYYAAAAYYYY! :DDD Funny thing is, me and my mom were just looking at my set of replicas of tickets and things from the passengers aboard the Titanic... *

I haven't had a whole lot going on. Making stuff on Polyvore, writing, making DW flash cards, calling my brother a hedgehog, hmm... that's about it, truthfully. My mom also cut my bangs! :) I can actually see... lol

My friend Lydia K had a party a couple days ago for reading the entire Bible. I wanted too go, but couldn't, but congrats, Saffy ;)

I spent the night with my grandparents last night. It was fun, but I could not sleep at all. :P lol

So, not much to say... gotta go!

~Hannah Song

* xxsunshinegirlxx made this graphic
** ladymorgan made this graphic

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