Friday, August 9, 2013

Honey, you should see me in a crown

Hello my dears :)

Sorry I haven't been posting. Again, I'm being lazy. So, things to tell you... hmm...

I sort of have writer's block. Dang it.

And I've been saying dang it alot. My brother's whining to me about it.

The other day was my mom's birthday! Happy birthday mom!

My glasses keep getting all fogged up, and I'm not sure why. Well, I'm really thankful it's Friday. I mean, like, YESSS!

My guinea pig, Penny, is adorable as always!

I'm thinking about re decorating my blog. Should I do a collage of characters, or a solid color? Graphics or animations? Decisions, decisions...

I've been on Polyvore practically all the time lately. I've hardly even been checking my email, if that tells you anything.

I have lots of stuff I need to do, but it's Friday and I'm lazy. Not a good combo, ya know?

I saw my cousin (he's 2 1/2) and my aunt the other day :) It was a good visit, and my cousin kept talking about how our big dog is the 'daddy dog' and our little dog is the 'baby dog'. He's adorable.

OOHHH! Mr. Pond just came on! Yush! Love this song...

THEY PICKED THE NEW DOCTOR AS WELL!!!!!!!! He'll be played by Peter Capaldi. I'm kind of glad they picked an older guy, because now there will probably be less fangirls who watch it just for the 'cute young guy' factor. Now, if they could have a sassy, smart, don't take no junk from the Doctor type of companion I'd be happy. Donna was sort of like that, but I mean like a Rose/Martha/Donna/Amy/Rory mix. River's also sort of like that, but she needs a bit more... I dunno. something.

And Moffatt (Mofatt? Moffat? Mofett?) wants to do away with Moriarty. That dude, like, was the biggest villian on the show. They can bring Sherlock back from jumping off a building, but they can't Moriarty back from a gunshot? *shakes head sorrowfully*

Oh, and Martin Freeman grew a mustache... and, no offense to him, it looks horrible very different.

And I got to see the first have season seven of DW... and I'm trying really hard not to cry over Amy and Rory. And River. River always sacrifices herself and her feelings for others... :,(

Well, I GTG.
So, bye........
~Hannah Song

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