Friday, September 27, 2013

Haven't posted in so long...

Hi guys :)
I haven't posted in so long!!! I'm so sorry. So here's a list of what's going lately, not in order, but for the past... two weeks or so, I think...


1. I totally felt like a hipster. I had the glasses, I had gone to a bookstore and went to Starbucks. Yeeeeaahhh, hipster. LOL

2. Dance class started back up, and I'm having a lot of fun. Of course, one of my friends is there, and I sorta knew the other three. (Yup, five kids including me. lol)


4. I discovered I am probably allergic to mosquitoes :P The bites itch and burn and hurt when I get them...

5. I am now in the second season of Merlin! Yay! :D LOL I know towards the last season there is a sad ending, though, so, yeah :((((((

6. I have two ideas for NaNo. Now gotta pick out which one to do...

7. I deleted my Twitter account.

8. I went to the park with my friend today.

9. Hmmmmm.... what else...? Oh, I finished the swimming creatures science I was working on :) Halleluijah.

10. I had other stuff to say, AND I FORGOT. >:C I STINKING FORGOT.

So... yup...
~Hannah Song
P.S. I found out my surgery is now scheduled for October 25th.
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