Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pickle juice, surgery and NaNoWriMo

Hi folks, friends, peeps, persons, aliens, hedgehogs, humans, weirdos, geeks, populars and etc...

Hannah here. No guest post today, sorry. ;)

So... I smell like pickle juice. Random, I know. But I do. Because I had a pickle. Because I was hunry. Because I, well, skipped lunch? Not a good excuse, so, yeah. lol

My surgery is on the 25th. I wish I could say I wasn't worried, or sad, or even slightly angry. But I'm all of those things. :P

I'm doing NaNo again this year. THIRD YEAR, YAY! Third year for my friends Naomi and Lydia as well :) :) :) My story is called Dream Jumpers. I'm making a NaNo blog page in a bit so you can know what it's about.

I really need to call Maggie... anyways... LOL

Hannah Song

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