Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I'd figure I'd post the first chapter of my NaNoWriMo story...

Chapter One

Dear Journal,
I’m dancing around the garden, watching and tending to the many star plants that grow here. Constellations dot the sky, and I watch as they move across. Life is so perfect, so blissful, so wonderful.

That’s what everyone else says, anyways. I find it kind of boring, honestly.

There’s no excitement! I read stories from another world, the human world, about dragons and princesses and princes and frogs. They fight and they run and they have fun while doing it. We just laze around and dance.

I guess I really should introduce myself. My name is Penelope McGee, a pixie from the star realm. I can shapeshift, and really, that’s the only GOOD thing about being a pixie. It’s so, so, so, so, boring!

I have to go. The shoppe keeper is calling me, and I must go pay my dues.
Your friend,

Penelope closed her book with a quick snap of her fingers, placed it on the swing on the outside of the small cottage, and flew off to one of the local shops. She ran a hand through her bright purple hair, smiling and laughing.

She was watching the small children play games like throw-a-toad when she landed flat on the ground. She jumped up, shook herself off, and ran the rest of the way. “Sorry, Mr. Starleaf, I haven’t had enough acorns to pay yet,” Penelope called to the small elf in the back.

He wobbled out and smiled. “It’s okay, Penelope, but I figured you’d want to pay up soon. Your fine is getting… well, for lack of better words, huge.” Penelope let out a fake laugh and smiled.

“I know.” She handed the elf a couple of acorns and silk spider webs, before rushing outside into the darkness. Her blue skin seemed to flash against the night sky and she grinned. She was the only pixie with blue skin.

Sure, she wasn’t sure why, but she just knew it was totally, absolutely cool. And it was the second good thing about being a pixie. Well, sort of.

It was still boring.

Penelope awoke with a start. Her skin was glowing, literally glowing. She gasped in shock, her wings popping out straight and her eyes flickering in all directions. Her house was burning and she struggled to get out, smoke clogging her mouth and covering her eyes.

She heard yelling, lots of it. Screaming, she could taste the smoke. She tried to run, but some kind of force was keeping her back. Her skin started dimming, her eyes turned normal and her wings kind of drooped as she flopped onto the ground, asleep.

Someone was shaking Penelope. And hard. They grabbed her, tossing her over their shoulder and beginning to run. She could sense it, but couldn’t tell who it was, still being very drowsy from her fall.

Her blue skin was burning, like the fires in the Firee realm. The Firee people, a native race to Skylan, where all of the Magic Ones live, have red eyes and orange skin like the sun. They burn when happy, and since that was most of the time, they were usually avoided.

Penelope groaned as the person carrying her hit a bump in the road. And then suddenly, she awoke with a start, falling out of the person’s hands and onto the ground. She stood up quickly, flying up slightly, her blue wings beating fast and hard. “What’s going on?” she demanded to know.

The person who was carrying her- a small fairy man whom she noticed to be from the Kingdom, the main center for all of the Magic Ones, with green hair shrugged. “You were sleeping on ashes, and besides, the King and Queen have requested a meeting with you.”

“With me?” Penelope asked, her eyebrows raised. She fluttered back to her feet.
“And five other Magic Ones from different realms.”
“Oh. I best be off then. Thank you for… starting my journey.” Penelope said, nodded in the fairy’s direction, before turning and picking back up off the ground. She beat her wings fast in the direction of The Kingdom, ready to start a new day.

Maybe things aren’t so boring, after all. Then Penelope paused. Why had her house caught on fire? Then she felt something heavy on her waist. She looked down and saw a small bag tied around her waist. She opened it and inside was a small brown envelope and her journal.

Well, this was new.

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