Saturday, November 16, 2013

My Dad Scares Me In The Weirdest Of Ways

Hey guys :)

So... my parents and my little brother went to the mall today (Christmas shopping and all that jazz, ya know...) and they went to Hot Topic.

Well, at Hot Topic, they sell these really scary Weeping Angel and Cybermen masks (which, in fact, I am wearing the Cyberman one as I am writing this, and yes it is making it hard) and my dad bought to of them for me and my sibs (we role-play and stuff).

Weeellll... I didn't know about them getting the masks, and when they got home and I stepped to the door, I couldn't see right away because my eyesight's kinda funny lately and it was dark out. Well, I freaked out because....


My Dad had the Weeping Angel one on and my Mum had the Cyberman one. And so I literally kind of freaked out. I mean, it was scary! I wasn't suspecting it! D: D: D:

I love the masks though.... :DDDD Anyways. LOL

But really, if you saw this standing out in your driveway, you'd probably freak out too, considering they send you back in time.

weeping angels gif photo: OOOHH snap. OOOHHSnap.gif 

~Hannah Song

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