Saturday, December 14, 2013

Doctor Who, Barnes & Noble, and Guinea Pigs... oh my!

Hey guys.

Had a strange couple of days, you see. It's really... strange. Strange, strange, strange. Strange is a strange word, don't you think?


My dad's been in the hospital twice. It's a long story, not going to go into detail :P But ya know, it's stressful stuff.

We went to Barnes & Noble's today. Can I just say, DOCTOR WHO HEAVEN! It was perfect, I swear on it. And I met a Whovian (by met, I mean a pin he had on his hat. It was a Doctor Who one. /love/ I have the same one, actually...)

Oh, I had a dream about my guinea pig dressed up like Amy Pond and my dog dressed up like the Doctor. It was totally freaky/weird, but it was awesome. :D :D :D

Netflix got the last season of Shake It Up! on it the other day :3 I'm kinda sad it's going off air :(
 And Christmas is coming up, which means Doctor Who's Christmas special is also coming up. And THAT means Eleven will be gone.
Off the air. :'(

Granted, he's not my fave, but still. The feels.

And I'm writing a sequel to my NaNoWriMo novel, Perfectly Penelope. It's gonna be awesome :D

And I got to open an early Christmas gift a while ago. My parents gave me this wicked awesome CD by a band called 1 Girl Nation.

So, yup. That's really about it...
~Hannah Song

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