Monday, December 16, 2013

JustafewfeelingsonOUAT,okay?! *SPOILERS...SORTA*

 Hey dudes and dudettes.


Just... Rumpel/Gold. Yes. he's totally awesome. I also liked Evil Pan. Like, seriously.

And... they're dead. :(

And I am totally upset about it. I mean, THE FEELS.

I'm just drowning in them.


Hook just had to kiss Emma. Okay, so yes, maybe I support EmmaxHook. It's just perfect, all right? Well, to me it is :P I mean... and they don't remember... man, I about died.

So... yes... sure, I hate some of the things they do in OUAT, but that episode was just sad. So, yeah, the feels. Lots of 'em.

~Hannah Song

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