Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Forget Me Not: a fanfiction by me :)

Donna Noble shook her head as her mom handed her yet another flower from an unknown person. They were always just showing up; but they only showed up when she was visiting her mom and her grandfather, Wilfred.

The flowers were always blue and yellow; more specifically; they were Forget-Me-Nots. She didn't know why they always chose this flower. Or why they sent them at all. She was married, and besides, she didn't even like Forget-Me-Nots.

Donna held the flowers in her hands. She looked at them, as if she looked away they would eat her alive. She also had a sneaking suscpicion someone was watching her, but when she peered out the window, no one was there.

She sighed and walked over to the garbage can, throwing the flowers away. She looked out the window once more, sighed, and walked into the living room, deciding it best not to worry herself with it.


The Doctor stared into Donna's house, sighing and leaning against the outside wall as she threw the flowers in the trash.

He wiped away one single tear that had formed and was rolling down his cheek. He pushed himself off the wall, straightened his bowtie, and walked off to the TARDIS, leaving Donna alone yet again.

But she wasn't the one who was alone. She had friends; she had family. He had River, but he didn't see her often enough to really know her. He was a loner, and he preffered it that way. Well, he was pretty sure he did.


Wrong. He missed Rose, and Martha, and Amy and Rory. He missed Clara and Astrid and Wilfred. But mostly, he missed Donna. Forget him not is what he wanted, but that just couldn't happen. Forget him is what did happen.

And no amount of Forget-Me-Nots could change that.

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