Sunday, January 5, 2014

Goals? Oh, dreams too, apparently...

Hey, Dudes and Dudettes (I'm assuming mostly the latter xD)

Well... goals. Interesting, strange, goals.

Yeah. I create goals all the time, rarely ever succeed them... you know the drill...

Basically, I just wanted to tell you my main couple goals currently, not that any of you really care, lol xD

1. Go visit my friend Maggie ( she's in an entire different state, so I gotta save up x) )
2. Go to ComicCon
3. Successfully do a cosplay
4. Dance in a competition
5. Go to YWAM in Kona

Oh, and my dreams...

1. Meet David Tennant
2. Be in an episode of Doctor Who
3. Actually be a GOOD singer.

So, bye!
~Hannah Song

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