Thursday, February 6, 2014

give me time and a crayon...

Hey, dudes and dudettes :3

Well... I don't have much to say, actually, but whatever xD

My birthday's coming up! ^.^ Yay!

Me and one of my friends are working on a script together, called 'The Search For The Luna Flower'. It's gonna be epic! :D :D :D

I finished the Hobbit. THAT BOOK IS AMAZIIINNNGGGG. But I started crying over Thorin and Fili and Kili. :P

Oh! I went to the doctor's office for my spinal surgery check up on Wednesday and guess what? I finally get to take off my back brace! I'm so happy right now. x)

And I have dance class tomorrow :) In May, we'll have our dance recital, and I'm doing it to an awesome song called Dead Come To Life by Jonathan Thoulin. Here it is:

So, that's about it. Bye bye bye! :)
~Hannah Song

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