Saturday, February 15, 2014

I went shopping today AKA happy birthday happy birthday to me!

Hello guys :)

Okay, so to start off, today was my birthday. (I turned 12!) I got a lot of different stuff, like a MLP FIM throw blanket, a couple fandom related t-shirts, a watch, some money, Grace Unplugged DVD, a pair of jim jams and a giant DW pin. (plus some Jammie Dodgers, which were totally YUM)

And I had a beautiful cake. I'll post picture later, it was epic. Until then, I will leave you in suspense of that awesomeness.
*cue Master's evil laugh here*
I will give you one hint, though, because I'm not totally evil... Wallpaper. And that is all.

Now, I got a Target gift card for my B-Day so here is the stuff I bought...

This is a pack of three notebooks with London, Paris and New York on them. London is my favorite, but Paris is pretty too <3 p="">

A drawing pad. Not the best, but it'll do in a pinch.

Crayons. I got Bejeweled for me, Nile Queen for my sister (she loves to study Egypt,) and Dinosaur Roar for my brother (not shown in pic, obviously.)

AND RED HAIR DYE. I AM GOING TO DYE MY HAIR RED, PEOPLES. AND I WILL POST DA AWESOME RESULTS or disastrous, whichever. :D :D :D I'm really excited. My parents gave the a-okay, so I'll do it tomorrow. ^.^

Hannah Song

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