Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jamie Grace **-** Ready To Fly

Hey Guys.

Okay- to start off, Jamie Grace is amazing. Wonderful and cool and from some of the stuff I've watched her in she seems really nice and funny. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lives with Tourette syndrome. She's released quite a bit of music, and it's all catchy and awesome.

I got her newest album, Ready To Fly the other day. It's so amazing.

Music never makes me sad, let alone cry. But... Jamie's recent music did. I started crying when I heard Fighter and Ready To Fly. Especially Ready To Fly- the story behind the song is really very kind of tragic. A fan of Jamie's- an 11 year old girl named Avery- died in a car crash. Ready To Fly was a prelude on her previous album, One Song At A Time, written about Jamie coming-of-age. Jamie wrote an entire song for it, written for Avery.

Like I said, I never cry or even get sad when listening to music. But between the beautiful flow of words and Jamie's amazing voice, I really felt sadness during the song, for Avery and her family. 

The album has tons of amazing songs, though- it makes me glad to know there are clean, Christian artists who can inspire and be an amazing role model. Jamie is definitely one of them and her music is just wonderful. I can't stress on that enough.

So, please, if you get a chance, check out Ready To Fly. You won't regret it.

~Hannah Song

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