Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Dragons :)

Hey guys! These are (some) my dragons on dragon cave. I thought I'd just show them to you guys :) Adopt one today!  White Boots- A Daydream Dragon who likes to dream about meeting her best friend. (Yes, dragons can have them!)
 Adopt one today!   I Killed Cupid- A Valentine's Dragon who has a negative attitude.
 Adopt one today!  Arendalle- A Horse Dragon who is more bark than bite.
Adopt one today!

 Dead Come To Life- A very curious Radiant Angel Dragon named after a song by Johnathan Thulin.

 Adopt one today!  Bloodhound Moonlight- A Coastal Waverunner who is strangely addicted to shiny objects.

Adopt one today! Remi Alexis- A dragon named after one of my friends who is a Dragon Grass.

Adopt one today! Remi Maggie- A Pygmy dragon named after my friend Maggie.

So, that's just a few of them :)
~Hannah Song

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