Monday, February 17, 2014

Speeches, Frozen and Hot Topic

Hey guys and gals.

Wellllll... I actually don't have much to say, other than a few random thingamabobs.

I went to Hot Topic the other day and got some cool stuff. A Union Flag hair bow, a Mulan string doll, My Little Pony dog tags and My Little Pony trading cards.

Which brings me to My Little Pony sweepstakes contests thingies. I entered but didn't win. *sigh* LOL

I got to watch Frozen today! It was epic :D It was so pretty. *floats happily on cloud*

Oh, and I said I'd post results on my hair dye! It worked pretty well, and it looks nice. No pictures, though. Sorry.

I have to write a speech for an art benefit show I'm planning for my American Heritage Girls troop. I'm... not really getting any where with it. :P

~Hannah Song

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