Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Day We Met a Mad Man

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So... I'm writing a story, a fanfiction, actually, based on my siblings and I getting to meet the Doctor. I have the first three chapters, soooo I'm gonna post them here for your enjoyment or hate :) Oh, and sorry 'bout the weird formatting.

~Hannah Song

Chapter One

Hannah’s POV

I shot out of bed, my hair floppy and slightly gross looking. At least, I was guessing. That’s what I do, I guess. My mom stood beside the bed, looking at me. “That’s the fastest I’ve ever seen you get up.” She said and I rolled my eyes, crawling down the ladder to my part of the bunk bed as she left the room.

I ran out to the kitchen and ate breakfast quickly, before getting dressed and putting on my shoes before grabbing my bag. My brother and sister were also getting ready, and I grinned at my brother. “Hey, Hedgehog. Ready for the zoo?”

He made a squeaking noise at me. “Yeah!” he nearly shouted and I rolled my eyes for the second time that morning. While he and my sister were fighting over what they wanted to do as soon as they got to the zoo.

As we loaded our bags into the car a couple minutes later, I could’ve sworn I heard a familiar whirring noise. Strange, I thought, half amused, half bitterly. It sounded exactly like the TARDIS from the TV show Doctor Who.

Bethanne’s POV

After picking up our grandma at her house and then driving for what felt like eternity, we finally got to the zoo. It was a large, large place that you could easily get lost in. I shivered, slightly, though I wasn’t sure why.

We all got out the car, pulling on jackets and backpacks, preparing for a day full of fun. Little did any of us know, we were about to have a lot more fun than expected. And that was just the beginning.

Christian’s POV

I ran ahead of my family (and my grandma, of course,) laughing as I watched some people try to get some little kid off of the ground. My sister was calling after me and I sighed, but turned back. I just stood there, and they eventually caught up to me.

“Where should we go first?” my mom asked. I glanced at my sisters and they looked back at me. That was a very dangerous question.

Chapter Two

The Doctor’s POV

“Crash landing!” I shouted, laughing as Rose and I fell onto our backs when the TARDIS landed loudly. I wasn’t sure where we were; the scanner was broken and I hadn’t had any time to fix it, and Rose didn’t even begin to know how.

Actually, I didn’t really, either. But that’s another story for another time.

I stood up quickly, grinning. Rose did the same, and we high-fived. I glanced at the controls and frowned, though, when I realized that the power seemed to be messing up. “I wonder where we are,” Rose mumbled and I grinned again. She stared at me oddly.

“Well, are we going to see?” I asked rhetorically and I bounded over to the doors, throwing them open and expecting something a bit more exciting. But, instead, it was a zoo. Literally, a zoo, with wild animals in cages.

Well, this was a bit awkward. I looked around. “America,” I said, looking at Rose. She nodded. “Where at?” I shook my head. “No idea.” We walked out of the TARDIS hand-in-hand and I stopped a small boy and asked, “Where are we?”.

He stared at me, blinking. “Earth.” I sighed. “No, exact location.” He rolled his eyes. “Are you stupid? We’re in Ohio, obviously.” He walked off and I turned to Rose. “Does anyone have any manners?” I said, sighing and shaking my head. Rose laughed and threw up her hands.

Rose’s POV

“Well, if we’re here, we might as well have a look around, right?” I questioned the Doctor and he shrugged. “Yeah, might as well. There’s no sense in not, right?” he laughed and I grinned at him.

“Alrighty, then! I wonder if they have polar bears… I’ve always liked those.” I said and the Doctor grinned. “All right, fine lady, let’s go find the polar bears!”

Chapter Three

Bethanne’s POV

“I’m thirsty!” Christian whined loudly and I shook my head. “You’re always hungry.” I said and he threw his hands up, shouting, “I’m dy-I-ng!” I put my hand over his mouth. “Hush, stinkbrain!”

“Mom, she called me stinkbrain!” Christian whined to my mom and my grandma eyed us warily. “Stop fighting or we’ll leave,” she warned and we hushed up but stared daggers at each other.

“Polar bears, over there!” Hannah shouted, pointing to a large wooden blue sign being held up precariously. I flinched as I saw it shift slightly. “Hopefully they’ll be in the water,” my mom said suddenly, snapping me out of my trance. “They’re always best when they’re in the water.”

I saw Hannah stop and listen to something but I didn’t say anything. Hannah was weird and to be frank, she was far too obsessed with Doctor Who. And she had a strange liking for Jammie Dodgers. But that was besides the point. We headed off to look at the polar bears.

Christian’s POV

I watched as a polar bear floated around in the water. I had to laugh as it pressed its nose up against the glass, as if it was saying, “what do you want?” I pressed my hand against the glass, and the polar bear surfaced before dancing around the water again.

Hannah’s POV

I noticed my brother talking to my mom and grandma. “I need to go to the bathroom!” he was whining, quite loudly, and I had to hold back a face-palm moment. “I’ll take him,” I said and my grandma and mom glanced at each other nervously. “We’ll take Bethanne too?” I said and they nodded.

I grabbed his hand and pulled Bethanne along behind me to the bathrooms. We stepped inside the women’s and pulled Christian in with us, and I leaned against the wall and waited while they used the bathroom.

Suddenly a girl walked in and I stared at her in amazement. “Billie Piper?” I asked, my jaw dropping and my eyes going wide. “Hmm, who is that? My name’s Rose.” She said with a small smile.

I nearly fainted.

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