Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lots of a stuff to post about.

Hey guys :3

So, like I said, lots of stuff.

My mom is going to the homeschool convention this week, so my dad is in charge of the house. It is really a scary thought. *shudders*

We got another guinea pig! His name is Terry :D HE IS SO CUUUTTTEEE!

I have Love Is An Open Door running through my head, and half of Fixer Upper which I guess is fitting because my friend Maggie and I are doing a Frozen roleplay over email.*evil smile* >:D

Also, this video is adorable;

It's most likely going to end up partway in the sidebar, ugh.

I cannot find my sketchpad. I have torn up my room even more so than it already was trying to find it and IT IS NOT THERE. RAWR.

I'm kind-of babysitting tonight. There's a meeting for the leaders at AHG, and so I'm watching the kids of the parents attending. It works out, because my mom has to be at the meeting. xD

Okay, I'm gonna have to cut this post short. Talk to ya'll later! :)

Hannah Song

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