Monday, May 12, 2014

i just wanna, like, curl up in the corner and cry


Hey dudes and dudettes.

Sorry about not posting.

Wassup with ya'll? As for me... life has been insane. I can't really post about it- family issues and all- but prayers and stuff would be highly appreciated. :3

Um, so, my dad is gonna buy my Nintendo DS off of me. Haha. It's pink- I got it when I was still into pretty pink unicorn princesses and stuff like that, so... at least I took the stickers off, except for a Guitar Hero logo. :p

So... disappointing news about OUAT. I am a mixture of angry and sad. Mulan is now a lesbian. -_- I just don't get it. She was such an awesome charrie and then this happened. I actually have stopped watching OUAT because our tv can't get it in but now I'm kinda glad I stopped.

But, yeah, like the title says, I just wanna cry...

I have gotten new shoes and clothes and stuff though, so that's cool :D Plus pajamas (YUSHHHH) and SHERLOCK SERIES 3 ON DVD! GAAAHHH!

And on Easter, I got Doctor Who series 2 part 1. :D :D :D

I watched a version of 'Let It Go' that Arthur Darvill did. I'm still dying xD

I have a dance recital coming up, and a camping trip with my AHG troop, and in July I have Jr. Dance company try-outs and yeah it's just really crazy. This week is crazy. These past few weeks have been crazy. I'm just like (((AAAAHHHH)))!!!

A couple days ago, my dad bought Brave the movie and the video game :D Yay. Merida is so awesome. My favorite Disney princess by far (well... except for Elsa, but Elsa's actually a queen, so...). And the funniest, next to Anna.

I have so much more to say, but I don't really have time, so TTYLXOX?
Hannah Song
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