Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hello, my dear readers.

I've been thinking a lot about appearances lately. What is the point of focusing on them? Really? Yes, sometimes they can be important- but at the same time, how do they really define who you are? Because, you know, it can't.

It just can't.

Brown hair, blue hair, dark skin, orange skin... how does it really change you? You'd think personalities would matter more. If I knew a person who was so vain, rude, and decietful, but was 'perfect' looking, would I stay their friend?

Heck no, you better believe I wouldn't.

Now, in turn, if their was a person, who most people would consider 'average' or 'ugly' but had the best personality ever- kind, caring, supportive- would I stay their friend?

Yes. And I'd hope you would too.

I'll admit it, I'm not the prettiest girl of the bunch. I also don't have the best personality. I have acne, I have scars. I'm short, I'm overweight. I can be mean and I have an easily angered side and I sometimes lash out without really trying too.

Do these things bother me? Yes. But I know I also have good traits, maybe not what society would deem beautiful, or even pretty, but I have them. Like these;

My Looks/Body
1. My eyes are a really pretty blue :3
2. Sometimes being short can help with different things. Like dancing :D
3. I'm fairly flexible. I can almost do the splits.

My Personality
1. I think I'm fairly nice, most of the time xD
2. I usually try to help people.
3. I'm quiet, which is sometimes a very good thing.

Things I Can Do
1. I'm a good dancer.
2. I can draw good (at least I think so).
3. Lots of people tell me my writing's good :D

So, here's your challenge: find three things about yourself -good things- in these categories: My Looks/Body, My Personality, Things I Can Do and blog it. Make a chain email. Tumblr it. Facebook it. Write it on paper and tape it your wall. Shout it out loud! Do it and feel good, because you're beautiful!

I love you, every single one of you!!!
~Hannah Song

P.S. Have a 'beautiful day'!

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