Sunday, July 13, 2014

Updated Sam < 3

So, I've been working on this for a bit, and I haven't done anything with Sonic in a long time- which I feel entirely horrible about, because Sonic was my first 'real' fandom, and I do still love it. I just got so wrapped up in DW and dance, you know?

Well, here's Samantha and her somewhat edited info. (no, I didn't make the body outline- I used a base found on Google pictures.)

Name: Samantha 'Sam' the Dragon Cat
Age: 17
Team: Team Strong (Wildcat the Bumblecat, Saffy the hedgehog, Samantha the Dragon Cat)
Family: Stacia the Rabbit (stepsister), Dominic the Dragon Cat (father), Lucy the Dragon Cat (mother, dead), Telish the Cat (grandmother), LightFlash the Rabbit (cousin), Midnight the Black cat (cousin)
Type: Fly
Other powers/abilities: Can occasionally control fire due to her being part dragon, and can see fairly clearly.
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, easily confused
Friends: Wildcat the Bumblecat, Saffy the hedgehog, Midnight the Black cat, LightFlash the Rabbit, Minka the Mink
 Enemies and Rivals: Anyone who her friends are enemies with, Dr. Egghead (er, Eggman.)
Theme Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons or Beautiful, Beautiful by Francessca Battestelli
Other: Draws a lot

~Hannah Song

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