Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Hi guys :3

I'm making up for lost time by posting a lot, I guess. LOL

Alrightie... so today we went to a really cool interactive/kids museum with my grandma. :D We walked around for a bit, and then went at 11:00 to go see a panda movie. Pandas are so cute <3 adorable="" like="" p="" yeesh.="">
So, after the adorableness of the pandas, we went up at 12:00 and saw this amazing, amazing, amazing Sherlock Holmes exhibit. It was really cool, actually, even a bit creepy at some parts. It was both a historical exhibit and an interactive one :O So cool. But there were like skulls with bullet-holes and hearts with stab wounds in glass containers and stuff. o.o That was pretty freaky.

We got to solve a mystery...but I can't say what/why/blahblahblah because if the exhibit comes near you and you go ;3 But it was pretty awesome. My mom and I were the closest to solving it :D My brother... er... not so much. My sister and grandma, I'm not totally sure. Oh, and my family and I saw ORIGINAL STINKING COPIES OF THE BOOKS. AFIJSDLHDK

Okay, so um, offical fangirl language xD

So, after solving the mystery, at the end of the exhibit they had little films about real cops and stuff solving mysteries. That was pretty interesting. They had suits worn by the actors on the tv show Elementary. I don't watch Elementary, but it was still pretty cool. And they had props from different Sherlock Holmes movies and stuff.

And then I turned around and started freaking out. Because oh. my. gosh. OHMYGOOOOSSSSHHHHH. I saw props from Sherlock. From the BBC show Sherlock, guys. I kinda sorta freaked out. They had 3 things;; the pink suitcase from A Study In Pink, the stand-up sign from The Hounds of Baskervilles, and the vest w/ explosives worn by Martin Freeman in the Great Game.

If my head hadn't of been killing me, I probably would of fainted from being so excited. o.o And then my grandma got me a "I am [S][H][E][R]locked" shirt :D And my mom got me a pin and a postcard :3 Thanks mom and grandma :) hehe My grandma also got my dad a pin, but I can't post what it says, cause, um, yeah.

Anyways... I've had an awesome day, minus the headache. It's more stomach pain now, though... I took a nap.

Now, I think I might go call my dad. He coaches special olympics softball, and he has a game tonight, but he usually comes home from work beforehand...

~Hannah Song
Love you guys! Stay fabulous! :D :D :D


  1. Okay, that's so weird. I'm almost sure I know what museum you're talking about, and we live like fifteen minutes away from it and almost went there yesterday but we didn't. (This is JuliaFredBob from Nano, btw.) That would've been so weird if we bumped into each other and didn't know it.

  2. Pretty neat! I think Elementary is the only Sherlock Holmes show where Watson wears skirts and high heels. ;) But yeah, don't watch it. I hear it's pretty inappropriate. Anyways, I'm glad you had fun.