Tuesday, August 19, 2014

i have to go//and leave you alone//but always know//that i love you so

Lyrics in title by Avril Lavigne

Hey guys.

So, one AL song that isn't filled with cursing :p

Anyways, life. yeah. ugh...

So, my sister and I's first performance for Illuminate dance company is on September 14th. Is that crazy, or what? I'm nervcited. :D: haha We're doing Oh Great God by David Crowder Band.

I might graduate in 2018 or 2019. Like, a year or two early. Is that nuts or what? I'm pretty happy. I have a lot of  work to do, though. But I have this awesome writing curriculum and my science is easier than usual :D YES!!!

I'm going to a museum with my family (minus dad, add in Grandma) tommorow, so yeah, that's exciting.

I wanted to invite my friend Beth over today, but wasn't able to :( But I did get my bedroom cleaned up! As well as my brother's room, and I got school done, and a few other things that needed done. I ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING WITH MY DAY :O

So, I want to thank my awesome friend Naomi, my Grandma C, Grandma and Grandpa V, my parents, Grandpa B and Grandma S, Miss Kelsey, and anyone/everyone who donated money in some way to our Illuminate fund :) I'd like to thank everybody who has offered support, as well. You all are the best. ^.^

Imagine Dragons, gah <3 p="">
On another note, I won't be able to watch DW as soon as it comes back on :( *grumbles* *kicks Roku*


On another, much sadder, note, could you guys pray for a local family? I won't go into detail, but their 9 yr old son passed away :( :( :(

I have to go.
Talk to you all later? :3
 ~Hannah Song

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