Thursday, September 4, 2014

kind of a random post... xox

Hi loves!

I have practically nothing to say. ugh...

Um, my arm is killing me. I don't even know why xD

I'm almost done with my school for this week, thank the Lord. I hate school, urgh lol.

So, I changed my idea for NaNoWriMo... again. I have so many ideas. I'm not going to decide yet, just list a few different ones and pray I decide which one to do o.o

Um, I can't get on Scratch anymore, which totally stinks. :P

Can I just say, the song Monster by Imagine Dragons is awesome?! It's epical.

Oh my gosh. What do I say??? Ugh... :P I am so sorry. I just am literally at a loss as to what to say.

My stomach's kind of upset, which worries me slightly, because the flu's been going around...

I really wanna record a cover of a song. A good one, I mean. I can sing okay-ish but then I record it and I sound like a screeching chalkboard. 0.0

My sister and I's first dance recital for the dance company is coming up! I'm so excitttteeeddd! *dances*

Ahem. Bye...

~Ruth Song
(didn't I tell you I'd start signing it Ruth Song!?)

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