Thursday, October 9, 2014

because you're a sky//a sky full of stars//

Sky Full Of Stars - Coldplay

Hey, loves.

Sorry about my rant earlier. I just... UGH. Anyways.

Well... life is kind of nutty, like always.

Dance is really fun, as always :D But my/my sister's friend Julia quit jazz, so, boohoo :( Bethanne and I have a dance company practice this Saturday and MY EPICAL OLD DANCE TEACHER MISS OLIVIA IS CHOREOGRAPHING. yEEEESSSHHHH

Beth and I had a doctor's appointment for scoliosis the other day, and no details, but I'm kind of worried/confused. :(

Um... I don't even know about that gif. I just... Sherlock. yup. haha

You know... some people feel like they aren't good at anything... where as for me, I feel like I'm good at everything, which is really hard, because I JUST WANT TO BE NORMAL. I mean... dance. art. writing. I'm okay with singing, and other miscellaneous things. I'm not good with music... or gymnastics... I mean... there's things I'm not good at, but there's a lot I am good at and it's just frustrating.

I hate when people think I'm stupid. I want to kick something. Or punch something. Or just push something. I really just want to get my anger out.

So... I scrapped my idea for NaNoWriMo... and now... I'm so unprepared, it's not even funny...

Well, I gotta go. But... yeah. Bye, loves.

~Ruth Song

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