Thursday, October 9, 2014

-_- people stink

Hey guys...

So... people DRIVE ME INSANE. D:< I hate people, I really do. Hypocrites, idiots, buttheads... you name it, there's one of 'em out there somewhere -_-

I mean... I just, gosh golly miss Molly. I don't even KNOW where to begin. :( :( :(

Okay, to start off, people treat teenagers (and soon-to-be-teenagers) like we're wimps. Um, hello? Yeah, online and with my friends and sometimes family, I act like a kid. Everyone does occasionally. It's hard not too... but at the same time, some of us are really, really mature.

I've been wanting to get a worker's permit for a while. But... it seems like the only jobs who want 12/13 year olds are babysitting or other odd jobs. I don't want to do that my whole life. I don't want to watch kids who are only, like, 5 years younger than me -_-

'Cuz, honestly, my family could use the extra money, and I know I'd be able to help out, but the stupid freaking law says nooooo, you're all to dumb/young/immature. If I was immature, would I notice how many of the things I do?

Would I know everything I know? Heck, I'm gonna graduate early, even. I'M SMART, YO, AND I NEED A JOB.

Second, people are so hypocritical. Like, they'll be like, "You don't agree with me so you hate me." but then they disagree with me, and apparently that's all a-okay. FLAWED LOGIC, PEOPLE.

And... other things I don't feel like going into. Basically, people stink. Like heck.


~Ruth Song

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