Wednesday, October 29, 2014

the world comes to life//and everything's bright//

Lyrics from 'Gift of a Friend' by Demi Lovato.

Hello lovesssss!

Man, I haven't posted in *forever* :P I gotta stop doing that...

Well, life has been crazy. Good and bad... my dad's having more health issues, which sucks, but... yeah. Never mind. (pardon the language, mom.)

On Friday (the 24th) we (me and my sibs) had our joint birthday party/sleep over and it was so much fun! There was, like, a million kids, LOL. Only three stayed for the sleep-over though. And one stayed later (my friend Beth, we live on the same street). But we watched Doctor Who and ate pizza at 1:00 in the morning and, um, I got pranked. And my friend C and everyone had this conversation while watching Merlin.

We're sitting there after watching the episode Midnight of Doctor Who and C goes, "Look, it's the hot guy!" to which I face-palmed and laughed. We keep watching, and in the first episode, Colin Morgan takes off his shirt and C goes "...but he's not muscular. Oh well, he has a cute face."

I was laughing pretty hard, TBH.

On Monday my Grandma, little sibs, Mom, and I went to the Zoo. It was fun, but my grandma has neuropathy (is that how it's spelled? O.O) so she was having some trouble walking :(

Then when we got home, Maggie, one of my all time BESTIES, called (well, her mom did) and said they (her, her parents, and her little brothers) were in Ohio! WOOT WOOT!!! :D So they came over to our house, and we hung out for... an hour and a half, I think, and had fun.

On Tuesday, we went to a local museum, which was really fun, and everybody had a lot of fun :D :D :D Maggie and I were playing in the 6 and under area, and I was laughing my butt off. AND WE SAW BABY MICE. So, yeah. :)

Then we did Frozen karaoke and Maggie has an *amazing* voice :D It was really fun. She sounds exactly like Elsa. After that, we went to ballet class and Maggie watched us, and then we went to the mall!

It was super fun. Both of our families were there except for my dad. Maggie and I were trying to find friendship bracelets, but got keychains instead. And I bought a bunch of other stuff, including matching purple hair bows for us :D :D :D

Also, Justice and Claire's are WAAAYYYY overpriced. Just saying. But I still bought stuff, LOL. And I got a flower crown.

I'm wearing it right now.
I look like a Polyvore girl, LOL. xD

So, we parted ways, and this morning (they left today. They're currently on the road) we went to a park for a while, in which Maggie's oldest brother (who is a year and a half younger than me(?)) spit on me, burped at me, and all around was being... interesting.

Oh, well. It was still fun, and I got revenge. *evil laughing* No... just kidding... or am I??? >:) lol

Well, Maggie, if you're reading this, I had so much fun and I glad you could come visit. I loved meeting you. It was amazing. <3 p="">
After that we went to a 'rock garden' and then we parted ways until we meet again *sigh*. And I bought my family lunch and my guinea pigs timothy hay and chew blocks, and I bought myself an icedcoffee.
Because I'm a hipster. woot woot! xD JK.

And we got mail, and I got two things. One of those things is for another post, which, hopefully, will be up soon. Maybe. I might not even write it.

So, yeah. That's been life :)
~Ruth Song
AKA that weird girl with the blue dress and the flower crown
or AKA that weird girl who keeps trying to change the world and fails


  1. Hey <3

    I had SUCH an amazing time meeting you!! I wish we didn't have to live so very far away <.< I really sound like Elsa? xD *blushes*

    Love youuuu! *hugs*

    1. Hi <3

      I did too!

      Yes, you do! ^.^ Even my siblings say so.

      Love you bunches! ^hugs back*