Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Sneak Peek From Wonderland Madness...

Okay, so, the title *might* get changed, haha. But here is the first chapter of my NaNoWriMo story!

In Which Pamela Meets Her Friends

I groaned, rubbing my eyes. I yanked my legs into a criss-cross and watched my little pet hamster, Harper, running in his wheel. He stopped and stared at me with his little black eyes, as if he was asking, “What are you doing today, Pamela?” I sighed and smiled at him, and he went back to running in repeated circles.
I slid out of my bed, stretching. The old blue carpet squished beneath my feet. I walked across the room and gazed into the mirror. My choppy light blond hair was a mess, and I felt like my hair looked. I’d ended up staying awake until twelve in the morning and I don’t even know why.
A gust of cold wind breezed through my room and I shivered. I yanked my closet open and Harper scurried into his hideaway. I smiled in his direction and then pulled out a black skirt, white lace shirt and a jacket out. I grabbed a towel and went to get a shower.
After quickly getting dressed I pulled on my stark white combat boots, lacing them up carefully. I put my eyeliner on and changed Harper’s food and water, then I left my bedroom. As I raced down the stairs, I heard a bounce and then a crash. I winced; probably my mom’s cat, Juke. He was a crazy little cat.
I turned and went into the kitchen, where my mom sat, eating cereal. “Good mornin’, Pammy.” She said with a smile. “Please don’t call me Pammy, mom.” I said, shaking my head. She laughed and I grabbed a banana and a bottle of water. “That’s not a very good breakfast,” she commented and I shrugged. “Oh, well. I’m meeting the others and I don’t want to be late,”
Mom sighed but nodded. “Okay, but be back before dark, okay?” I rolled my eyes, nodded, grabbed my backpack and raced out the garage door, which was by the refrigerator.
I set out down the street, watching cars speed past. My friends and I were meeting at the library; Cameron would probably already be there, working out in the lawn out in front. She was really sporty, but she was fun to be around. She runs practically everywhere, and when she’s not, she’s riding her bike. Lyric would probably be there next, because she always wore these sensible roller skates that went really fast to go places, and she just lives on the street behind the library.
As for Sofia and Grace, it was hard to tell. Sofia would probably be last because she spends hours getting ready, but Grace lives rather far away. They were always surprising us, and sometimes, we even took bets.
I stopped in front of the library and not to anybody’s surprise; Cameron was stretching out in front. “Hey, Pam!” she shouted and I waved, walking across the lawn over to wear she was doing jumping jacks. “The others should be here soon,” she huffed and I nodded. “What-are-we-doing-today?” she breathed out as one word. “I don’t know…” I said slowly. Cameron grinned, “We could go on a hike.”
“Maybe,” I said with a small laugh.

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