Friday, November 21, 2014

//they will know me as joan//

Joan - Heather Dale

Hey loves!
Okay... can you guess what this is???
That's right, baby! NaNoWriMo YWP Winner right here! :D Yippee!
I'm actually proud of myself because I have a start of a new story that I'll finish later (lost steam on it this year) and I wrote a novella. Though I kinda freaked myself out with my novella, because it's really... really... um, dark. We'll put it that way.

Anywhooo, my sibs and I are done with school for the week, so YAY! haha. And we're taking off next week because we're already ahead in our school work. :D :D :D

I hate when I become obsessed with a song. I'm obsessed with Butterflies by Zendaya right now and have been listening to it on repeat, and yet I can't stop. c: haha

Go check out this blog: pllleaassseee? It's a blog that a couple of my friends and I run, and we write about things that matter to the world.

Okay, so, I have to stop going on YouTube! Heather Dale, Lindsey Stirling, etc, they are so brilliant and THEY HAVE MUSIC THAT GETS STUCK IN MY HEAD. lol

My piggies are being as sweet as ever <3 and="" are="" chubby="" cute="" fabulous="" hehe="" p="" so="" they="">
I want to dye my hair blue, ombre-like. I don't know why... my mom will say no and considering my hair color it wouldn't show up anyway, but still. xD xD xD

Well, I gotta go to bed. Maybe I'll post soon. Maybe I won't. Love you all!

~Ruth Song


  1. Congratulations on winning the NaNoWriMo YWP!!! :D NaNo's been pretty hard for me this year (it's my first year), but I'm almost done with it, so I feel your pain :) It was hard work, but we did/are going to do it!

    My family will basically be getting off next week for Thanksgiving, too! I am so looking forward to the break :D

    Happy early Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Thanks :) You're gonna do great!

    Cool :D

    Right back at you! :)