Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Types of People on... THE INTERNET. *gasp*

Hey guys and girls!

These are the types of people on the internet. Next I'll do one for different people (type of people in dance class, types of people in the store, etc) xD

The Hipster
Tumblr, Polyvore, Facebook, Twitter; you name it, these 'hipsters' are everywhere! Hipsters are a group of people who "liked things before they were cool," and can be found typically hanging out in certain stores in the mall or in Starbucks.

The Flower Children
New age hippies; these kids are from 50 years ago. These are the kids who wear flower crowns, listen to the Beatles and drink tea more than Barbie changes clothes. These sorts of people are hard to come by on the internet and even harder to come across in real life, but they exist.

The Confused Kids
These are the kids who are new to 'interneting' and simply don't know what to do. They usually end up on weird sites like Tumblr or deviantArt and think that's what the ENTIRE internet is like and decide not to go on it at all.

The Bloggers
(That's me!) These people are the loud, outspoken, and frequently taken wrongly people on the Internet. They are either on Tumblr, Blogger, or Wordpress, or any other blogging site. They tend to be shy and docile in real life and are most likely eating pizza and hiding in their bedroom on their laptop.

The In-Betweener
(or is this me?) These are the people who are very, very rare. They are a mix of all sorts of groups and hard to seek out. Not much is known of these creatures.

~Ruth Song

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