Sunday, November 9, 2014

Why the heck is anti-adoption even a thing?

Hey guys.

So, today my mom was reading an anti-adoption blog. The sermon at our church today was about adoption, and my mom mentioned the strange blog she had read. I don't get why that is a thing... it shouldn't be, for quite a few reasons.

1. Not all Adoptees become traumatized
This one is one of the most puzzling things of all. The blog my mom read- and some I researched before writing this- claimed that 100% of adoptees are traumatized. Which makes no sense, because I know some people who are adopted who are living happy, normal lives and are happy and super sweet.

2. The whole "Moms should be kept with their babies" thing
One; what if the mom is a drug addict, or an alcoholic, or a deadbeat, and/or the dad is a deadbeat, dead, or out of the picture? What if their is no family to take them in? The child will be left completely alone, unless they are stuck with a parent who most likely doesn't even remember that they have a child.
Two; What about a child who is older than a newborn? What if the parents are one of those listed above, or they are dead? What if there is no family or any good, kind, law-abiding family? Is the child supposed to just live on the streets?

3. What about children already in the system?
What about the children already in the system? For instance, in China; girls are worth next to nothing. What happens to them? Do they just starve because the minimal food they have goes to the boys, or they age out of the system with no skills? Are they just supposed to die?

4. Do you really think abortion is better than adoption?
I read a blog by a lady who told a young woman that she should abort- basically murder- her child instead of put the baby up for adoption. Um, pardon my language, what the heck??? She told the lady that it would be less traumatizing than an adoption, both for her and the baby. Er... look at the statistics.

Abortion: 83% said they would have kept the pregnancy if they had been thinking straight at the time, and multiple numbers of women said that they turned to alcohol and drugs after the abortion because they felt guilty. Reportedly, they also felt pushed to have an abortion. Obviously, the children had no say in this as the abortion basically killed them.
Adoption: I've seen many stories on the internet (could not find statistics) and many seem happy with their rescission. I only came across 3 that people said they would have done an abortion or kept the baby (the latter coming up in 2 of them).

So, all in all, this is the thing;
The entire anti-adoption thing is the most ridiculous and stupid thing I have ever heard.

~Ruth Song

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