Monday, January 19, 2015

My Top Five OTP's

Yeah, yeah, I know, OTP means One True Pairing. Whatever. Big deal xD.

5. Rose Tyler/Tenth Doctor
They were just meant to be together. Can't say much else, haha.

4. Helsa (Hans of the Southern Isles/Elsa of Arendelle)
Second chances. Like... Elsa got a second chance, and I feel like she'd understand what he's going through (in a way) and so she'd try to help him regain his life, and they'd end falling in love. Yup.

3. Dexter Charming/Kitty Cheshire
Don't even ask. Just don't ask, kay? haha

2. Rarity/Spike
It's just too cute!!!

1. Ky/Cassia
 They love each other so much and gah... it's just perfect~

~Ruth Song

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